Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swainson's Thrush, White-crowned Sparrows and House Sparrows

Looking for sparrows in the community garden by the soccerfield on the SIT campus I was surprised to find this Swainson's Thrush on a low bush fattening up on wild purple berries, while passing through on its migration further south:

Most of the activity was behind the garden in the bushes and thickets bordering a little stream. The sparrows would dip in and out of the foliage, often announcing their presence only by the vigorous shaking of a branch.  I did however manage to get a couple of photos of immature white-crowned sparrows:

These dark purplish blue berries with white frosting appear to be very popular with the birds. I have no idea what they are called, have tried to search for the name on Google Images without success . So if anybody reading this knows it please put your answer in the comments box.

Of course a day of birding can't pass without running across a Yellow-rumbed Warbler, here enjoying the morning sun:

Lastly I could not resist including this photo of some House Sparrows taking it easy in an window of an old horse barn:


  1. Awesome images! I have yet to see a yellow rumped warbler - I must be the only one in New England!

  2. Glad to know the WCSP is moving through - they haven't visited my yard yet, but I've almost been too busy to look.

  3. Chris, I took some photos of lst winter WCSPs last fall, checked on the date: 10/16/08 - so right on time.

  4. ...your photos of the White-crowned Sparrows are beautiful. I love White Crowns, and they are so photogenic. I love when the feathers on their head are puffed up (like those in the last photo). The berries look similar to those on one of my vibirnum bushes.

  5. Kelly, viburnum it is. Thanks for letting me know. Immature WCSP have such a sweet expression; makes me feel happy looking at them.


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