Thursday, December 3, 2009

Continuing my experiments with HDR

There is not much going on right now, birdwise I mean; so am continuing my experimentation with HDR photography. These photos were taken during a walk along the West River Trail this morning. The sky was clear initially but then became populated with heavy rain clouds. Fortunately the rain held off until we got back home.

This is an image of the cornfield by the Retreat Meadow behind the Marina Restaurant. Great for birding most of the year: sparrows along the perimeter, indigo buntings in the corn plants, ducks and geese in the puddles and shallow ponds along the far side, raptors overhead, crows any time of the year..

The trail is an old abandoned railroad track. It is broad at first but then narrows for a stretch as it passes beneath the I91 bridge over the river. .

These curlicues are spray-painted on a cement bridge abutment. I have no idea who did it or why but was intrigued by the three-dimensional feel of it.

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