Thursday, February 4, 2010

White Ibises, Tricolored Herons and more at Tigertail Beach on Marco Island

I am still trying to catch my breath from our trip to SW Florida and sorting through hundreds of photos. We stayed in Naples and while my husband was busy preparing his parent's condo for sale, he graciously ceded our rental car to me for trips to the regional birding hotspots.

I arrived at Tigertail Beach on  Marco Island at low tide. The beach faces a tidal lagoon rimmed with mangrove where many wading birds were foraging for food   I took lots of photos but will have to be happy with showing at most two of each species. The light wasn't perfect as it came from the wrong side so that most birds ended up being back lit.

White Ibises resting near the beach

Tricolored Herons

These are very active birds; they hop and jump and twist in pursuit of their prey.

Reddish Egrets

Juvenile Snowy Egrets

A single Brown Pelican, of which many more later in subsequent posts.

An Osprey carrying food back to the nest

where its mate was waiting

I almost feel sorry for this Atlantic Needlefish, looking surprised at being so suddenly plucked from the ocean. Does it know where it's heading?

Well, enough for today. To be continued.......


  1. Hi Hilke,
    What a splendid post you did... So many beautiful species! I love the osprey carrying its prey a lot but the reddish egret is even better!! Well done, you have seen many beautiful species!

  2. These photos are fantastic, and the birds are gorgeous! That tricolored heron is stunning. Great shots.

  3. Cool Pictures!

    Funny I juste booked a flight (quite an impulsive purchase) to go to Fort Myers between the 14th and the 18th. We need some warmth, sun and birds!!!!

    Don't miss the painted bunting at corkscrew! Those are great bird to shoot!!!!

    Uh uh uh!!!!

  4. @ Joanne, Chris and Erica: Thanks for you kind comments. They made me feel warm inside.

    @ Laurent: Hope you'll have as much sunshine as we did. According to BirdsEye the painted bunting was reported there 2 weeks ago. I looked but did not see it.


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