Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birds all new in fresh plumage, and a Painted Turtle

This morning I stepped out on the deck and couldn't tear myself away from looking up at the tree tops around me. Myrtle Warbler (aka Yellow-rumped W.) were dipping in and out of the Northern Red Oaks' spiky leaves and dripping catkins.

An Eastern Towhee was singing in a flowering shrubs near the outer perimeter of the yard

Old friends showed up in their Sunday bests

Even the lowly European Starling, still sprouting new feathers around his neck, was fancying elegant under-tail coverts.

Also encountered during this morning's grocery shopping my FOY Gray Catbird looking a little bit disheveled:

A Purple Finch was feeding from a tube feeder which I had moved from the tree to the railing because of a bunch of voracious red squirrels.

Another visitor to my yard was a Baltimore Oriole. I heard his melodious song but did not locate him high up in a tree until he was ready to take off, showing me just a flash of orange.

And lastly, saved from the investigative nose of my dog, a painted turtle. I brought it up to the deck for some photos. Isn't that a beautiful color and pattern? Reminds me of some old native Indian pottery

Front end

Tail end

After the photo shoot I carried it down to the wetland safe from the dogs.

I will put a photo of a nesting Bald Eagle in my next post. Also hope to find some migrant warblers.


  1. You have some very cooperative birds there--and a very lucky turtle. That poor turtle looks kind of grumpy, though!

  2. ...you have some beautiful captures here! I love the little Yellow-rumped Warblers. They are so much fun, and I heard my first Catbird of the year as well. I've never seen the underside of a painted turtle...gorgeous! It does remind me of old pottery.

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  4. You are getting a lot of action up your way-great photos too-I especially like the turtle.

  5. @Felicia: Thanks. It took a while for the turtle to poke out its head and I am sure it wasn't too happy to find itself in such unfamiliar surroundings.

    Thanks, Kelly and Larry!

  6. Love the Turtle shots. Painted are the most common species here, they make loafing an art form.


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