Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gray-cheeked Thrush NOT - Revised

Revision: I should have said to my self, "Calm down, calm down; don't rush to judgement ..." Well the judgement is in: it's a Hermit Thrush. I made the id by going back to same location, found the same bird calling insistently, although this time I did not get a good look at it - too much shade and too fleeting - and compared the call to the Hermit's. Bingo! :-(

Well, I still had two experts agreeing with me that it looked like GCT, so I am not quite red-faced. But I had retract my sighting on eBird and send out corrections.

Original: There is one thrush that looks exactly like the Bicknell's Thrush pictured in my last post.  According to my reading they can only be told apart by voice.. Well, this morning I walked along a path skirting a marshy pond on one side and a mature deciduous forest on the other side. I heard a bird calling close by. At first I thought it was a Veery but the call was much less musical. The bird was perched on  a tree branch about 10 ft off the ground.

The bird;s call sounded like the call of the Gray-cheeked Thrush in Sibley's on my iPod. Yet it would be very unusual to find one in Brattleboro, but it's also hard to imagine it could be anything else. I would appreciate any comments.

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