Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of Summer Birds

Summer is winding down. The first cool nights are here. The bird population in our yard is changing. I haven't seen any Robins for some time doing their running, stopping and listening for worms in the ground. It's oddly silent except for the raucous cries of the Blue Jays and Crows. I still hear an occasional Gray Catbird, though, giving its cat-like calls from deep inside a shrub. 

This one is was sitting out in the open and was about to launch into flight.

A couple of weeks ago three or four Chestnut-sided Warblers were moving around in the thicket close to our driveway with one of the them looking like a male. I went  to get my camera, but then only found this one bird, probably a first year youngster. 

When walking along a trail pishing will usually draw out one or two Common Yellowthroats 

Dragon flies and butterflies abound. Avian migration in the fall is kind of protracted and all you can do is be on the lookout. In my next post I'll talk about Nighthawk migration.

Happy Birding!


  1. Beautacious birdies. Looks like everyone is gearing up for fall now round' the continent.

  2. awesome sightings! love the white eyerings on those warblers. i don't get to see catbirds here.

  3. Hi Hilke

    The shots of the Catbird were just wonderful. I hope you had a good summer.


  4. Very nice series Hilke. Maybe we will get some good birds with migration.

  5. Nice set of photos.I'd like to read a litte more about Nighthawk migration. I've seen them a couple of times near the Connecticut River where I live but that's about it.

  6. Beautiful birds to see Hilke... Summer has already left me as I look out at the rain as I right this.

  7. Wow what a superb collection of shots and species. I guess that now, you are just like me, waiting for new species of migrants to come with the bad weather. Every bird has gone to another wolrd now ;-)

  8. I really like the look of these birds. From Findlay

  9. Cracking shots Hilke. Not seen that Warbler species before.


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