Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Herrick's Cove

Yesterday morning I drove to Herrick's Cove for some birding and ran into Mitchell Harrison who's report appeared this morning in the VTBIRD list - I didn't know his name before but it couldn't have been anyone else. I was able to get a fairly decent photo of the immature Baltimore Oriole and Yellow Warbler. The two Great Egrets were too far away though. Otherwise nothing unusual. It doesn't help of course that I have to take my dog along - he is an 8 months old giant puppy, half Brittany Spaniel, half Blue Tick Coonhound, and needs lots of exercise. Fortunately he is able to amuse himself with sniffing out things in the bushes and is not on my heels, or worse yet, running ahead of me all the time.

On my futuristic wishlist: a handheld gadget that could pinpoint the exact location of a sound. It would make finding singing birds in the summer so much easier! There is actually patent on such a device, very complicated by the sound of it, and I don't think it has been fabricated yet. Also it would be really really expensive...


  1. Just found your blog through Larry's blog and am thrilled that I did. You take INCREDIBLE photos!! Love the Yellow Warbler and juvie Baltimore Oriole, but your birds mobbing the Red-tailed Hawk photos are breath taking! Seriously, I would kill to be able to get photos of something like that as crisp as you did. Awesome.

  2. Wish I could get free to visit Herrick's - soon - good photos!


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