Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hinsdale Bluffs Bank Swallow Colony and Orchard Oriole

In a previous post on June 23rd I claimed that there weren't any bank swallow nests in the bank on the Hinsdale Bluffs opposite the Vernon Dam. I stand corrected. I walked there on 7/5 and took another look. There are indeed nest cavities just below the rim extending for about 30 feet. I saw many swallows flying back and forth over the grass but did not see any entering the nests.

Bank Swallow Nests

I also saw an orchard oriole, I think the second one in my life - the first one was probably 15 years ago. I was just carrying a small point-and-shoot camera and tried to get a photo, but it was of course totally inadequate as you can see below.

When I first saw the bird among the leaves in a bush I thought, by the size, that it was an American Redstart, although the red didn't appear to be quite right. Only after it flew off and settled on a bush further away did I realize my mistake. I am going to go up there again with my big camera and hope that I will have another chance.