Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodbye to Summer and Birds taking a Bath

Summer is coming to an end ....
...but what can be more evocative of  summer than the sounds of crickets?

I have set a shallow water-filled ceramic plate on the porch railing as a bird bath, but usually the birds are just stopping by after visiting the feeder to take a drink and rarely bathe. Yesterday, as a gentle rain was falling, a Chickadee and a female House Finch felt inspired to take a bath.

Chickadee taking a bath
Female House Finch

Shaking her head... but beak remained centered

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  1. Sadly you are right..summer is indeed coming to an end. At least we have fall to look forward to.

  2. Nice series at the bird bath - but esp liked the landscape - serene beauty of the countryside!

  3. Excellent post Hilke... yeh about the same here, the summer is ending... I went out yesterday and did not see any bird in the place I used to see thousands!!!
    That's cool that the tit and house finch female decided to try your bath... you got wonderful picture of them bathing and the last one is just very funny ;-)

  4. I smiled throughout this post! The photos of the bathing birds were great!

  5. I don't want to give up on summer yet ( although I have seen a few trees changing)

    Love your wet Chickadees. Are they Carolina or Black-capped there?

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Chris, I don't know what migration is like in Iceland. The woods are kind of quiet now. Most birds are getting ready to migrate and try to fatten up for the long trip. No time for chatting, singing and flitting around.

    Harold, we have black-capped chickadees here. I haven't yet seen any Carolina ones, although they are supposed to be slowly moving north.

  7. we started to have good warblers last week in Michigan. Got my county lifer mourning warbler last week end, september is definitly a very exciting month!!! Being raised in europe, I was used to very dull, rainy and uninteresting falls. Now that I live in Michigan, I can't wait for the explosion of colors that this magnificent season will bring!


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