Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharp-shinned Hawk and Crow

There was a lot of silent commotion in the woods ahead, large crow and small hawk flying in and out, wending their way through the dense branches, one in pursuit of the other - or the other way around? I was surprised that no others joined the lone crow. Usually they raise a ruckus when a predator is around to harrass and drive it away.
Sharp-shinned Hawks are aggressive accipiters, very agile in pursuit of small song birds through dense woods. Crows are not on their diet plan.
Crow sees the Hawk

Crow goes after Hawk

Crow and Hawk tussle in the air.

The tables turn. Hawk goes after Crow

In hot pursuit!

The Crow turns tail and flies away.
After a while the commotion ceased. I don't know the outcome but expect that eventually both went their different ways. 

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  1. ...very cool! You were quick on the draw to capture that action!

  2. Great action shots!We have one visiting our yard now.I have to decide whether or not to stop feeding the birds for a while or just let the hawk have at them.

  3. Hilke, cool action shots of the hawk and crow.

  4. Have a nesting pair of sharpies in the back lot. They seem to love to chase the crows. The crows make an unusual call when the hawks are chasing them.

  5. I found your photos here by searching for sharp-shinned hawk chasing crow, and the reason I was trying to find something like this was because I had just witnessed the same thing myself in my backyard. A crow was sitting on the woodpile eating a peanut when the hawk landed about a foot away from it on the same woodpile. The crow looked at it and turned its back as if to say "whatever," and then the hawk flew out of sight behind our garage. Then all of a sudden the hawk came flying back onto the woodpile and the crow took off flying and the chase was on. About a half hour later, the hawk came back and swooped down on some doves, but I couldn't tell whether or not it got one. Whew! What a sight!


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