Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shorebirds high in the sky over Southern Vermont. Also Yellow-rumped Warbler and Dark-eyed Junco

A fly-over of Greater Yellowlegs? Yesterday early afternoon a flock of 23 long-billed birds was flying high in the sky south over the West River in Brattleboro.

On that same walk a Yellow-rumped Warbler gave me the eye and flew right at me ;-)

Dark-eyed Juncos have taken over from the sparrows. They were everywhere you walked, scattering on approach, the white on their tails flashing.

Dark-eyed Junco in a patch of late-flowering weeds

Good Birding!

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  1. Good series, I especially like the Juncos.

    Its always fun when they appear even if it means winter on the way.

  2. Great shots, I love the YRW flying right at you!

  3. Wow the third shot is wonderful!! That's a regular bird attack ;-) Maybe he did not like the brand of your camera ;-)

  4. have you come to any conclusions about the flying shorebirds? greater yellowlegs seem right to me.

  5. Thanks so much for your nice comments. If interested in the mystery of the migrating shorebirds, here is a discussion:

  6. ...love the flight shot. It's really cool, and the junco is so beautiful. This week we saw our first of the season, and it seems each day more are joining the little flock in our yard.

  7. Junco's are one of my favourites.


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