Saturday, October 30, 2010

The World according to Chance. Or a Day in the Life of My Dog (Revised)

My name is Chance and I am two years old. THEY named me Chance, because I am giving THEM a chance. HE and SHE adopted me, so I don't know my real mom and pop, but I know this: I am of noble blood.

I like to get up real early in the morning when it's still dark. After SHE puts on the collar so I can't chase the neighbor's cats across the road, I run around the yard and make sure there are no intruders. If I find something I bark to wake everybody up. When I come back in SHE sits at her computer, reading all those birdie blogs. I am not interested in birdies, just in cats and squirrels. Squirrels are my grand passion! Just say the word Squirrel I am out the door! SHE puts bait in the birdfeeder. So far I have chased down five of them!

I get so bored watching her on the computer that I grab Sasha, clamp my teeth around her neck to make her squeal, and that gets HER attention. SHE gets so mad! Sasha is not my real sister. She's just a mutt,  a street dog from Puerto Rico, not noble at all.

Me and Sasha

Sasha is always blurry
Revised as a big chunk of the story went missing - Checked the Blogger Help forum and found a lot of people were having the same problems in Sept and Oct of disappearing photos and text. Should have rechecked it after publishing. So here is the missing paragraph as far as I can remember it:

SHE grabs the long black tube and hangs a thing with two eyes around her neck and we take off in HER car. I love riding in the back of the car looking out. Then we stop at a parking lot by the river and go for a "walk" - nothing that I would call a walk. SHE takes a few steps, stops and points the black tube at some bushes. Then another fews steps and stops again. I get so bored!

So what I do is, I track back. She never notices that I am gone until I am well out of earshot and  can't hear when SHE yells ;-) I head back to the car and the parking lot. I am often lucky. There are people to sniff - I sneak up on them from the rear -- and wow how my nose makes them jump! Then there are other mutts to play with. I already know them all.  If I am by myself though I check out the picnic area by the water - you never know what you find... Then I lie down by the car and wait.

After we come home I watch the yard. There a lots of big stones lying around, hiding places for the squirrels, cats and chipmunks. Sometimes a truck turns into the driveway and after a while drives out again with one of those big big stones.  I have marked them all with my pp : >)

Today I had a really nice day. We went hunting in the woods. There are no squirrels, because all the squirrels are at our house, but look what I found!

Coyote, you think?
 But she always calls me just when it gets interesting!

After we get home, I always take a long nice snooze on the sofa until it gets dark.

 Whatever they are, I am going to catch them!!!

And those pesky trick-or-treaters, when they come to the house? 
They are in for a big suprise! I ate all the candy!
Happy Halloween!
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  1. I think they're both noble dogs.

  2. Aww...what cute pups you post..Love that scary tree photo.

  3. That is a great looking dog. Actually, they both are.

    My favorite shot is the side view with both dogs

  4. Excellent and original approach for a post ! Well done...

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. I should add that Sasha is not the underdog. She knows how to defend her food, her toys and her treats. After all 9 years ago she survived for almost 2 years on the streets of Puerto Rico before she made her way to us. She doesn't show her age, is as spunky as ever, and we hope she'll be around for many more years.

    I'll be back to birds with my next post.

  6. Haha!!! Very funny post, Hilke, and your puppies are just beautiful. I just love looking into the angel eyes of a dog or cat!!

  7. Love to see happy dogs with owners that love them. Makes me miss my boy.

  8. Thanks, Kelly.
    Larry, I do remember you writing about losing your dog in March of this year. It's hard to get over a loss like that, a creature that has shared more of your life probably than anybody else.

  9. I just came across your blog and cracked up over this post! I've got my own mutt that could probably tell some similar tales of squirrels and the "bait" I put out..

  10. Hilke,
    I thought of you and your silly dog today when reading a facebook update for a dog I follow. Chet Baker
    He is Julie Zinkefoose dog..if you dont already follow him on facebook you will love him. should create an outlet for your pup..who I can see, likes to blog..start a facebook page for him!

  11. I think I'm almost ready to start looking for another dog but I'm waiting for the right one.

  12. Thank you, Dawn. It's a great idea and would probably keep me busy, and entertained, in the winter with fewer birds around.

    Larry, it's so hard to predict whether it's the right dog when you get it as a pup. We were extremely lucky with Chance - had no idea that he would grow into such a happy dog, always in a cheerful mood. Our previous dog, Che, who died of a brain tumor 2 years ago at age 9, was very different, always a bit suspicious and on the defensive. The only times I saw him really happy was when he was swimming in the local pond - he couldn't stop grinning and snapping at air bubbles. I still miss him. Each dog is different in his own way - no duplicates. And that's really wonderful.


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