Sunday, January 9, 2011

P. Siskins, C. Redpolls, C. Waxwings and ...drum roll please...I am the Featured Blogger of the Week on

Winter is the time for visitors from the north: Pine Siskin who arrive in large flocks, descending, and aggressively defending their place, on our bird feeders until they have had their fill, also Common Redpolls, though less frequently, usually foraging on the catkins on birches, and Cedar Waxwings who arrive en masse on fruit bearing trees... You know they are coming when you hear their thin, clear, trilling voices in the air as they swirl around to pick the most likely tree. They are not very shy and let you come close.


And now about me....

I am proud of having been picked as the Featured Blogger of the Week on, 
sharing this honor with such inspired blogger as Kelly Ricetti of Red and the Peanut, Vickie Henderson of Vickie Henderson Art, Dan Huber of Nature Observances, Robert Mortensen of Birding is Fun, Larry Jordan of Birding Reports, John Briggs of Birding in Maine...

Dawn Fine of Dawns Bloggy Blog is the editor of this feature on this multiauthored blog. She is probably the most visible person on the birding blogosphere with her familiar smiling face frequently appearing on Twitter and the Facebook's Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp page. She is also the editor/compiler of a cyber newspaper The birds-and-the-bees Daily.

She inspires us with her high spirits, and probably puts most of us to shame with her prodigious energy and enterprise.  I am deeply indebted to her. So make sure you sign up with her cyber newspaper and follow her on! Also, if you haven't yet, sign up with Facebook and become a member of the Birders who Blog..... group.

Good Birding!

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  1. Great post and congrat on being the featured blogger of the week. I love all your birds and photos. I wish I had the redpoll in my yard.

  2. Aww thanks Hilke, You make me blush...

    but I have to say in all sincerity that It is and always has been you bloggers that inspire me!

    I am just a gal that loves to read blogs and chat and bring all of you nature bloggers closer together....hee hee..

    Thanks for inspiring with your love, care and concern for all that is nature!

  3. Very Cool!! Thanks for the info on her blog etc, I knew nothing about any of this. Love your pictures and blogs so keep up the good work!
    Did you see Eric's blog? He took pix of the buntings.

  4. Absolutely beautiful post. You deserve the honour. Boom & Gary.

  5. Congratulations! I know Dawn very well and like her so much. Your blog is very nice and I must tell you that Vermont is the only New England State that I have not counted birds in yet! It is at the top of my list of places to bird this year! I use to live in Whitehall, NY and I often travelled to Rutland and beyond but I did not count birds at the time.


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