Sunday, August 30, 2009

Late Summer Day

A gorgeous late summer day! Sunny, clear, no bugs, with the first hint of fall in the air.

                                                                                            Sumac in front of cornfield

                                                                      Cedar Waxwing balancing on a branch to pick berries

                                                                                                       Ripening berries

                                                                                                        Reflections on a stream

So far this year I have seen only two Monarch butterflies! I tried to take a photo but it wouldn't hold still until it settled briefly on some gravel on the path.

                                                                      A young Great Blue Heron hiding in the reeds:

We are off tomorrow on a road trip to Michigan - Grand Rapids and South Haven - for a family get-together - not much opportunity for birding, I am afraid, but I am looking forward to seeing family and friends.


  1. ...lovely post. I too can start to feel autumn coming.

  2. I'm getting caught up - nice series on impending fall - and esp liked the kingfisher from the cape. Tough to get close to them, at least for me so far.

  3. Good to see you in Michigan!!!! They have some great parks south of grand haven, on the shore.

    If you go to michigan through Ohio, consider making a stop at Magee Marsh (Crane Creek State Park), on US 2. This is almost as good as Pointe Pele (some people things it is better, because it is actually smaller, and warblers are easy to see), and I go there quite often in the spring. You can really go for a one hour stop, you won't be disapointed.


    for more information on all the birding spots in the area

    This is an exceptional hot spot, and you might run into Kenn Kaufman there (he lives there)

  4. Laurent, thanks for the great tip! It looks like a stop at Magee Marsh is doable. We were going to do the trip in 2 days; maybe we could even stay overnight in that vicinity. Something to really look forward to on our trip! Thanks also for the hyperlink - lots of resources.


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